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In Nevada, the most common types of guardianships are: guardian of the person, guardian of the estate, guardian of person and estate, and temporary guardianship. A guardian of the person is responsible for the ward's personal and medical decisions, whereas the guardian of the estate is responsible for the ward's financial decisions only.

A guardian of the person and estate is responsible for the personal care, medical, social and financial decisions of the ward. Under Nevada law, a judge may grant an emergency order for temporary guardianship when the petitioner can prove that the ward faces an immediate risk for financial loss or physical harm or that he or she needs medical attention.

With our aging population living longer than ever before, it is not uncommon for aging family members or those suffering with Alzheimer's disease or another form of cognitive impairment to become unable to handle their personal or financial affairs. In such cases a family member or close friend may petition the court for guardianship of the incapacitated person; however, another interested party may contest the appointment through the litigation process.

Contested guardianship almost always has to do with the concern over elder exploitation and fraudulent access to the ward's financial resources. If someone has petitioned for guardianship for your loved one and you suspect dishonorable intentions, we suggest you contact a Las Vegas and Henderson elder law attorney from Roland Law Firm. Or, if you are seeking an appointment as a guardian and someone is contesting the guardianship action, we have experience representing clients on either side of contested guardianship actions.

Our elder law attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience handling elder law and guardianship issues and we are well-equipped to represent you in your contested guardianship matter.

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